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Change the way you see! Expect more, and pay less on this Holidays
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Exclusive Hand-Cut Glasses

Crystal Design Wine Glass 4

India First Handcut Design Glass

You can enjoy an exquisite bottle of wine when you have stylish glasses ! With 100% Hand-Cut design, look stylish and are durable. You can serve wine in these glasses for many years to come as they are durable and shatterproof. The glasses have a delicate and elegant design.

Experience The HandCrafted Work

This collection is timeless, expertly designed, and stands out from the crowd. Our glasses have a lengthy history of being handcrafted. Our craftsmen passed their skills down from master to apprentice over the years. We continue to use handcut design glasses as a traditional method.


Something New For Your Drink

Our glasses are manufactured in India with care. They are unique because they have a flat foot that gives them extra stability. And they also have a beautiful and elegant design. These glasses have a beautiful rim that is sleek, thin, durable, and elegant.


What Our Customers Thinks About Us

Different in that the glass is made up if angles to form a circle. Looks great. The handmade designs are price priceless. Will see how it looks with scotch in it.
- Muhammad Ali
So far, these glasses have been great! Great packaging. The glasses arrived without a hitch! They seem to be well made too, as my wife said. The clear handmade designs are indeed beautiful
- Sam
The quality and weight are excellent. They look very nice in the box; I keep them in the box and pull them out when guests are over. Also bought a wine glass along with it. . A great buy.
- Shahin


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