About Us

Our company grew because we loved drinking whiskey in special glasses, even on a daily basis. You can enjoy your favorite beverage in a totally different way with a unique glassware. During our move, I discovered the problem when I couldn’t find my favorite glass. This whiskey had a distinct taste… However, it was for the best …

Creating luxurious glasses since then, we spread happiness and good feelings for every special occasion (and every day).

Online and offline, finding top-quality, reliable and consistent products was difficult for a long time. Low-quality or basic glasses were typically available. We had a difficult time finding a unique glassware set.

The glasses often break in shipping when we finally find some that we like. Online shopping tends to be unpredictable most of the time. The goal here is to change another aspect of the industry. To capture our products in as many ways as possible, we take both pictures and videos. You won’t be surprised by anything.

Before crystal design, glassware companies rarely offered replacements for damaged or faulty items. Most of the time, support’s primary purpose was to make it appear as if your mistakes were your fault. Because of our experience as customers, our team members were all personally trained – so you won’t experience anything similar.


The customer service we provide is a very important part of our commitment to building a relationship with our customers. Whenever a question or a problem arises, they are well prepared. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions (relating to our site).

So it stands to reason that when Customer support representatives attend our meetings, they only bring good news. You won’t find any unresolved situations, unhappy customers, or unheeded feedback here.

Seeing people enjoying their favorite beverage while using our products fills our hearts with love and satisfaction.

A little extra special touch is our goal every day. It’s not necessary to have a reason for wearing fancy glasses. Each day should be infused with these collections, from prosecco on Wednesdays to coffee in the morning.

Themalikstore.com only sells special-design glassware, and that’s why we’re the brand of choice for specialized glassware. Our customers trust us because we provide them with good customer support and a long-term warranty. You will be welcomed into our family with open arms. You can count on our team to make each day special.

Our Core Values

Quality & Innovation

We are determined to deliver best-in-class quality, coming up with in-trend-and-beyond designs.

Customer & Community

Customer satisfaction is our main focus, which is the basis of our customisation services. We take our contribution to the community seriously and believe in delivering more than what we take.


Integrity and Honesty keeps us on our path, making us persevere unless we have achieved our cause.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Teamwork is the foundation of all that we have achieved so far.