We have been providing exquisite and elegant glassware design for over 12 years and simultaneously we have been maintaining our great reputation with our customers by providing excellent services to our customers. 

Now we are moving to build the brand in the name of themalikstore and give our customers the best affordable price. 

Our team working for 12 years and our artisan had an experience of over 20 years to give the best-customized design and drinks looks that stand on our customer demand and always looking to build great glassware design for customers.

 The malik Store aims to become the leading website for those exploring stylish, affordable wine, whiskey, goblets, and all types of glasses.

As a proud Indian Company, we are determined to work for the local manufacturers and skilled craftsmen who are ready to serve the stylish, classy, fashionable, elegant, and attractive design that leads to great finished products. 

My craftsman also works to give the final finishing touch to complete the product according to the customer’s needs.

Taking the approach we work with many manufacturers means we can offer much diversity in the product that fulfills a suitable vogue to your needs.

With so much design and diversity in the glasses, the malik store will put additional vogue to your dining table and will help you to get set best during celebration and these glasses will give you a chance to drink with love and confidence.