Bapida Best Pebble Mirror for Bathroom UK

Bapida Best Pebble Mirror for Bathroom UK

What is Pebble?

Pebble is a kind of rock with an unusual shape and it is a round shape with different sizes from top to bottom. This rock can easily be found in the beaches.

When you have visited the coastal area – there are thousands of pebble rocks available there.

What is Pebble Mirror?

Mirrors with uneven shape are called pebble mirrors, they are not round or square mirror, they are not equal from four edges and that makes them look great so when you install on the wall, you will see that shape is unique and it is the best choice for your wall.

The price of a pebble bathroom mirror is different from every country –  and also about size and shape – make sure you read descriptions about size and material quality before buying.

Pebble-shaped mirrors, evoking a church window, are both traditional and romantic. A light bronze finish complements the windowpane effect and arched silhouette. Suitable for both traditional and country decor.

Bathroom Pebble Mirror in Australia

Australia has a huge market for decorative mirrors and consumers are ready to pay the price for any mirror if you give them what they want – they want quality and hand made products – and the price for pebble mirrors in Australia range between A150-A300 and mirror is also bevel.

If you are looking for a unique shape and size which is perfect for your bathroom and bedroom – uneven mirrors can be the best choice and there is more variation and colour in our pebble mirror collection Australia.

This pebble mirror is a great addition to the bathroom and bedroom – we have more bathroom ideas for you.

Bapida have the great collection of framed mirror for bathroom and we are solid wood framed for our mirror and so no rustic issue.

Customer satisfaction is also our first priority.

It will take 10-15 days to deliver to Australia and we have a 7 days return policy.

Make your mirror whimsy with barely any effort. Despite being small/large, the baubles look way more appealing than a normal mirror frame and won’t overpower it.

Pebble mirror for bathroom

Black Pebble Shaped Mirror

This is the best selling pebble mirror in the UK, USA and Australia – they are unsula like pebbles with different colours – you can have colours of your choice – gold, silver, black, red and so on.

This mirror size around 30 x 20 inch, and we also have 36 x 24 inch and small room ideas to living room modern mirror, so if you have another in your mind and want to know more about this mirror, then let us know we will to try to shape the mirror as per requirements and you are happy we are happy.

Wooden framed with different colours, great addition to the bathroom, if you have a large bathroom, experiment with our colour and shape.

The unique shape of this mirror will instantly enhance your walls. This silhouette is reminiscent of a pebble found on the beach. It would go well in contemporary interiors.

Uneven Pebble Mirror

Black Uneven Mirror

This is an uneven or pebble mirror usually used to place above the vanity in the bedroom.

This mirror can also be a great addition to your home. With different colors and shapes you can experiment and these mirrors stand out from the crowd with a combination of bold geometric shapes and a solid wood frame. Decorate each shelf with these mirrors to keep it simple and once a while clean, and read our process to clean the bathroom and glass.

A mirror with an understated silhouette and finish. In addition to being simple enough to match most interiors, its detail provides a special touch.

You’ll love this pebble-shaped mirror if you’re a fan of all things unique. Its abstract shape is incredibly on-trend, and its minimalist style makes it sure to remain a staple for many years to come.

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