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List of 10 Best Copita Glasses 2021

The Copita Glass

The Copita is a testament to the mastery of whisky aging and the skills of the Master Blenders.

Due to its colour and aroma, Copita in the aging barrels became the Master Blenders’ choice, originally designed for Port.

It’s little wonder that the Master Blenders assisted in refining the shape and size of the Glencairn Glass itself, given their enormous knowledge and expertise!

Copita, once referred to as the little glass that could, today has become the preferred nosing glass for Rum, Gin, Brandy, and Tequila lovers all over the world – what a remarkable product!

Stylish and practical, the Copita nosing glass is an ideal accessory for pouring whisky. Because of its neck, the Copita whisky glass is the most practical. 

The Copita glass is the tasting glass for whisky, that comes in a variety of styles, largely depending on what the manufactures decide upon when designing the glass.

What is a Copita Glass?

Copitas (also called sherry glasses) are small, stemmed glasses, often used for sipping sherry. They are often used for tasting spirit drinks, such as whiskey. Unlike miniature white wine glasses, copita glasses are narrow and relatively tall for their size.

The copita glass is ideal for nosing and tasting, as the aromas remain concentrated and are easy to evaluate. The Glencairn glass is often preferred by spirits aficionados because it allows spirits to breath while not overwhelming the aromas with alcohol.

A handful of sherry drinks can be served in a copita glass. Generally, cocktails are not served in copitas. However, this glass is generally reserved for spirits and fortified wines on their own.

1.Crystal Glass Stemware Nosing/Whiskey Cocktail Glass

Copita glass 1

These beautiful, heavy glasses are perfect for dessert wines. 

This titanium-crystal is clear and sparkly, as well as weighing a decent amount. 

There are no sharp edges or transitions along the rim or edges. 

This is great technology – they have a sturdy construction and are dishwasher safe. 

In fact, the dishwasher has never caused any issues to the glass, It is the perfect shape for tawny ports, a type of port that will suit any occasion. 

You cannot feel glassware online, so it is hard to distinguish cheap products from quality ones, like these, when you are buying them online. 

The prices are much lower than they should be.

Perfect for port, aperitifs, digestifs, cordials, limoncello, etc. small enough for champagne but big enough for aperitifs and digestifs. 

There is no excessive thickness to the glass itself. Drinks can be consumed from them after dinner, and they have an awesome shape.

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2. Spiegelau Premium Whiskey Copita Glass

Copita glass 2

Designed as a copita style spirit glass, they feature a refined edge on the lip, along with a nice sized bowl. 

The longer stem allows for a more comfortable grip. 

The best part of this is the ability to nose (and enjoy) spirits. 

There are many special aspects and qualities to the experience that set it apart from other glencairns.  

The glass really enhances the flavor, much like Riedel wine glasses. Although the appearance is elegant and sturdy, the taste is what will make you fall in love with it.

Glasses like these are great because they work just like mini wine glasses that you can swirl and really see what you’re drinking. Rather than heavy traditional glasses, these are a nice change of pace.

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3.Royal Scot Crystal  Port Sherry Glasses

Copita glass 3

Whether you’re sipping port, sherry, liqueurs or maybe a little Baileys, the Highland Port/Sherry glasses are perfect!

The Highlands of Scotland were the inspiration for this distinguished wine suite.

 Fine spirits make a perfect gift for someone who appreciates them.

The Glass has a classy look which makes everyone fall in love at first sight, it might be the reason for unmatchable compliments from guests, relatives and friends. 

The glasses are sturdy and elegant, it is easy to handle and a dishwasher safe

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4. Glencairn Copita with Tasting Cap

Copita glass 4

The glass is a bit more delicate than the normal Glencarin, and it is not as thick either. 

It would be unfair to say one can enjoy the Copita more than the Glencarin itself right. 

A glass embedded logo comes in the box with copita glass in shipping with the gold shiny Glencarin logo (with the stylized G). 

Those two items, along with anything released by Glencarin OFFICIALLY will be used by people

You can easily put your full nose into the glass with no harsh ethanol layers, which reveals subtle differences in whiskey you might not otherwise discern from the original glass, but for whiskey lovers who like to explore flavors with water drops: then it is a worthwhile addition? 

However, only if you are a true lover of neat or straight whiskey

There has been a huge improvement to the drinking experience of single malt whisky thanks to this glass

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5. Cuisivin Glendale Whiskey Nosing Glass

Copita glass 5

If you’re ready to imbibe, then the Cuisivin Glendale Whiskey Nosing Glass was the glass for you. 

It was the perfect way to taste, test, and enjoy your favorite scotch, whisky, or any other spirit. 

By holding your glass by its stem, you can swirl it without the fear of warming it with your hand. 

A good swirl can be conducted without worrying about spilling your liquid treasure because of the narrow glass opening. 

The traditional more popular whiskey snifter type glasses achieve the same effect, but feel more firm and comfortable to hold in the hand.  

The glasses are very elegant, somewhat thin, but not much thinner than most from the same segment.

You should also be able to fit your nose and be solid. 

This is a nice and well made glass that makes it great for ensuring that you don’t drop your good whisky or bourbon when drinking straight. 

It makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys whisky or bourbon (including you, of course).

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6.Ravenscroft Crystal Essentials Port/International Tasting Glass 

Copita glass 6

It is the perfect glass to drink red wine in an unpretentious fashion. 

You’re supposed to sniff the aroma of the tasting glass while your mouth gets the liquid. 

Your parents and friends shouldn’t wear those huge, pretentious glasses that take up so much space. 

The best part about these is that they’re so cheap that they’re almost disposable. . It adds a touch of elegance to any party without you having to worry about them getting broken.

The port wine glasses we purchased are very good, and they will definitely compliment existing glasses. Whiskies such as Scotch, Irish, Japanese, and Bourbon Whisky will benefit from this drink! Wine tasting parties are perfect for this. 

They make great serving glasses for port wine as well. Glasses are awesome.

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7. Port and Dessert Wine, Sherry, Cordial, Aperitif Tasting Glasses 

Copita glass 7

If you don’t drink much Port, these are perfect for you. 

This was a gift one can give  for Thanksgiving. 

After dinner, you can expect to receive some Port and Stiton cheese. 

It’s a perfect pair of glasses. 

In light of the fact that we do not drink a lot of port, it’s nice that each comes with its own well constructed shipping box. But the glasses, which came snuggly packed, were perfect

It is not unusual for sherry glasses to be small.  

The bottle is perfect to give as a gift to friends to try whisky/whisky for nosing or to share with friends for tasting expensive stuff (connoisseur style)!

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8.Dartington Crystal Wine & Bar Pair of Sherry Glasses

Copita glass 8

The designs are very elegant and beautifully made. 

The perfect complement to sherry or port. 

These glasses are perfect for any drink that tastes better in a good glass. 

Almost everything Darlington Crystal makes is fit for royalty, including these glasses, both as sparkling and pure as Angel’s harps.

It is a must visit their workshop, observe the mastery of the craft as these works of art are created right before your eyes by knowledgeable craftspeople. 

With the sherry bottle, it made a wonderful gift idea for someone who enjoys sherry.

Elegantly designed and beautifully made, these designs are stunning. 

You should pair this with either sherry or port. A good glass enhances the taste of any drink, and this is a perfect one. Sherry or port glasses are the best you can buy.

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9. Harmony Wine Glasses by Rastal (Spirits/Sherry)

Copita glass 9

Glasses with crystal clarity and the right height are elegant and sophisticated. 

In the hands and while drinking wine, it feels surprisingly expensive! Would not have expected anything more especially when someone is a bit condescending when it comes to wine glasses! There are many guests who love wine and nobody realizes they’re inexpensive and within budget with classy appearance.

In addition, they are very affordable, so there are no risks involved. 

These wines and liqueurs are wonderful for desserts. Clicking your glasses produces a wonderful sound.

White or red wine fits perfectly in these glasses. 

The rings look beautiful and are easy to hold.  Its thickness and durability are superior to what one would expect. They can even survive a few drops, which makes them more than worth the money they cost

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10. Godinger Dublin Cordial Glasses

Copita glass 10

At a fabulous price, these stunning crystal clear glasses are simply stunning. 

This would be perfect for some Bailey’s Christmas treats.

Sherry is also a good choice. 

Make your guests feel welcome…It would be an excellent gift as well. 

The glasses  are worth the money. You or your birthday party guests will be able to enjoy these glasses to the fullest. Perfect size, a good weight and very pretty, you will not be expecting Tiffany Stemware.

Although they’re attractive, they’re not too fragile. It is the perfect size to enjoy after dinner. For breakfast orange juice or after dinner cordials, these glasses are perfect. They add sparkle to your table, being well crafted and catching the light. The durability makes it so you can use them without being afraid. Their beauty and strength can withstand an attack from a busy 2 year old. It would be a wonderful gift to give to family and friend

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History of Copita glass

It is fascinating to learn about the history of copita glass. 

Copita refers to a Spanish word for glass, which was initially used for Spanish sherry (hence the name copita). 

Later, the glass was repurposed for other beverages. It was used to check whether a barrel arrived at a dock in good condition by noshing the contents of the barrels with a glass. 

During the 16th and 17th centuries, it was known as the Dock Glass. 

A bell or tulip-shaped glass with a small opening is useful for capturing the aromas of wine or spirits while keeping the scents of your hand away from your nose. 

Furthermore, they are convenient because they are stemmed, which makes it easy to observe the color and the legs of the whiskey when you swirl it. 

In contrast to other whiskey glasses, the copita has a big difference in the nose. 

It also intensifies the taste to some degree, for better or for worse, due to the small opening. Copitas concentrate the natural, unvarnished flavors of whiskey (or whatever you put in them) unlike Norlan glasses, which deliberately dissipate unfavorable smells with the larger opening and wings at the bottom.

The Copita Sherry Glass- The perfect glass for serving sherry

Sherry comes from Andalusia in Spain, and today ranks among the world’s most well-known and versatile alcoholic beverages. 

Throughout history, people have consumed wine in this region of Jerez de la Frontera for more than 3000 years, making it the most prominent center of trade. 

As a matter of fact, this wine derives its name from “Jerez”. Glasses were not yet available, so people did not drink from them. 

The method of press glass manufacturing wasn’t introduced until the 18th century, which led to the invention of drinking glasses.

The process of fermentation has been stopped in sherry by adding a large percentage of alcohol to the wine. 

Thus, it refers to a strong wine that has a hint of sweetness, and is also referred to as Spanish liquor. 

These fortified wines are full-bodied, with an alcohol content of up to 18%, and include wine from ports, marsalas, and madeiras.

As a best practice, use small, thin-walled, tulip-shaped glasses that have a bulge on the top and taper towards the top so as to prevent the alcohol from evaporating too much, and thereby prevent the aromas from overpowering. 

They are traditionally called Copitas in Spanish, which are classic-style sherry glasses. 

The special qualities of these glasses will be explored in greater detail later.

Sherry Copita  glasses – Shape, size and properties

The sherry copita glass, which has a long stem, is distinguished from the sherry goblet, which has a short foot. The long-stemmed and solid-base glasses are generally made for light, dry sherries, while the short-base glasses are for sweet, dark sherries.

A stemmed sherry copita glass

The stemmed sherry copita glasses resemble white wine glasses of classic style. 

This copita glass, however, is shaped like a tulip. 

Their tops are bulged and tapered. The long stem of these sherry glasses has the advantage of holding everything together in the bulge of the glass. When spirits are lightly swizzled in a glass, the aromas in the glass bulge develop a significant intensity. 

Furthermore, the long stem prevents the drink from becoming warm from contact with the hands. 

Despite their tulip-like shape and size, it is not uncommon to fill these sherry glasses up to about five centilitres, even though their volume is about twelve centilitres.

Temperatures between seven and 14 degrees Celsius are recommended, depending on the sherry variety. 

It is recommended to keep it at this temperature before drinking. 

These sherry glasses have a further advantage: they reduce the speed with which you can consume alcohol. 

This gives the drink’s fruity notes more time to shine through. Sherry is typically drunk as an aperitif, as an after dinner drink, or (contrary to conventional wisdom) only with certain meals. This sherry glass is not just a great vessel for enhancing the aromas of the sherry. In addition to the elegant looks these sherry glasses create, they also make a striking statement on any dining table.

Short-base sherry goblets

Typically, sweet, tasty, dark liqueurs are poured into short-bodied sherry glasses. 

Sherry goblets also feature an opening that facilitates both air circulation and the development of the bouquet found in sweet, delicious sherry varieties at room temperature. 

Sherry goes well in goblets with a v-shape, which accentuates the palette of flavors. Hand-warming is not necessary when it comes to these dark sherries.

Copita glasses – Materials

The materials used for making copita glasses are similar to those used for making other kinds of glasses. Copita glasses are typically made from transparent glass, Tritan glass and crystal glass, which is why most commercially available copita  glasses are made of these materials.

Glass with a transparent appearance: 

The solid finish and poreless surface of the Copita glass make it stand out from other glasses. The result is an especially sanitary environment. 

Crystal glasses manufactured by industries are generally not expensive since they are manufactured in large quantities. 

Their frequent use makes them suitable for frequent use. 

The dish-washer is a safe place to wash them. Glass, however, should not be washed at temperatures exceeding 55 degrees Celsius to protect its surface.

Crystal glass:

 A Copita glass made from crystal glass will be harder than a transparent classic-style glass, as metal oxides are added. Glasses made of crystal are very clear and gleam with a beautiful gleam. Since crystal is more delicate than clear glasses, you should not wash it in the dishwasher. 

Cleaning these glasses properly requires manually washing and drying them with a microfiber cloth.

Glass made of tritan: 

Tritan glass, which is patented in Zwiesel and made of crystal glass, is best for copita glasses in order to experience all the benefits of clear- and crystal glass. 

Despite its strength, tritan glass has an intense gleam.

Drinking water temperatures are decisive for a perfect copita, regardless of what material the glass is made from. For dry sherry, it is best to drink it very cold, whereas sweeter sherry should only be lightly chilled. As well as the temperature, the stability of residual sweetness and the age of the wine determine the ideal temperature.

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