Lowball Glass Guide

Lowball Glass Guide

Lowball glass: what is it?

A lowball glass, also known as a rocks glass or old fashioned, is a short glass that is used to serve up small shots of liquor or spirits. Drinking the Old Fashioned cocktail, which is sweetened with sugar, bitter or whiskey and contains liquor, is one of the defining characteristics of its name. A second reason why the glass was named after this cocktail is that it is said to be one of the oldest.

Lowball glasses are distinguished by their famous broad brim and thick base. In combination with ice, the thick base keeps the drink cool and helps to keep it at the temperature at which it was poured. 

The ice may begin to melt less quickly in an old fashioned way, so whisky or liqueurs served that way won’t become too diluted.

Bars, restaurants and hotels across the hospitality sector use Cooksmill’s lowball glasses as a signature drink. 

They are available in wholesale packs of 6, 12 and 24 to offer the best value for money regardless of the size of your business.

What is the size of a lowball glass?

The short and wide lowball glass holds 4 to 10 fluid ounces. 

Rock glasses are commonly used to serve simple cocktails that contain only a few ingredients, usually over ice.

In addition, what is the maximum size of a drinking glass? 

The resulting drink is 14 oz. These glasses are constructed from glass and can hold up to 14 fluid ounces.

What kinds of drinks are served in lowball glasses?

Crystal Whiskey Glass

A glass called a lowball is also called an old-fashioned glass after a once popular cocktail. This drink contains a spoonful of sugar, a dash of bitters, a half ounce of whiskey, and a splash of soda.

 Lowball glasses usually serve mixed drinks that are primarily alcohol and incorporate various flavors, like bitters, sugar and liqueur. Black Russians are typically served in lowball glasses, containing vodka and Kahlua with ice. 

Another cocktail, the Godfather, is made by mixing Scotch and Amaretto, and the Godmother, which includes vodka and amaretto, are both served in the glass of a lowball.

 ‘Muddled’ drinks benefit from a sturdy base. You can also use these low glasses to serve a neat pour of liquor. There is still plenty of room to stir in the glass even when very large cubes of ice are inserted . 

The opening is very large so you get a good whiff of your cocktail as well.

Why Are Cocktail Glasses Different Shapes?

Do you ever wonder why all drinks aren’t prepared in the same glass? As we often see in movies actors sipping martinis and cosmos out of fancy glasses, we may feel we must also do l. The glass they choose for their cocktail may not be the best looking, but they make it that way anyway. 

Lowball Glass

The evolution of different glasses can be attributed to the development of better cocktails looking and tasting. 

Two functions of the glass are to enhance aromas and to correct temperatures. These are crucial elements in creating a pleasurable drinking experience. 

A variety of glasses will enhance different aspects of the drink.

What is the difference between Lowball and Highball glasses?

A lowball glass can hold 4 to 10 fluid ounces. Rock glasses are commonly used to serve simple cocktails that contain only a few ingredients, usually over ice. 

Traditional American classics like scotch and soda, bourbon and water, and other alcoholic beverages are served in lowball glasses. Lowball glass is designed to hold iced drinks without additional liquids, such as various on-the-rocks drinks.

Highball Glass Guide

Highball glasses are glasses used for serving ‘tall’ drinks that contain a large proportion of non-alcoholic mixers mixed with alcohol, and are poured over ice. 

The Collins Glass is often used interchangeably with the highball glass, though the Collins glass is larger and more narrow-sided. They used to serve it in tall glasses, so the word high refers to a ball, which meant having fun or drinking whiskey. However, highballs are a very similar drink to Collins glasses, which are typically served in tall glasses.

  • Highball is the antonym of lowball
  • Lowball is the position of a ball in a special stop sign used by American railroads while highball is a cocktail made using a spirit and soda water combination.

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