Cheap Whiskey Glasses for Sale


  • Material – Glass
  • Color –       Clear
  • Brand –      Crystal Design
  • Weight:      120 grams
  • Size  –         upper base 7 cm, height 8 cm, lower base 5.5 cm
  • Capacity: 290 ml
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Cheap Whiskey Glasses

Enjoy every single sip of your drinking – With this new impressive crystal hand-cut Cheap Whiskey Glasses gift set – every drink deserves respect and stays from being diluted by ice in your whiskey glasses. YOUR LAST SIP ALWAYS BE A MEMORABLE.

EASY TO KEEP IN THE HOME WITHOUT MESS – Cover only small storage with a luxury handcrafted box ( not made cheap and light quality), and the box covered beautiful logo –  This box is perfect for a gift, and it will make a smile of your loved ones. It can also be considered a decorative part of a home.

EVERYTHING INTRICATE IN DETAIL – It is not made by machine, each glass is hand blown and takes more than 24 hours to finish the complete design! The design is unique and creative and can easily be seen on the glass. The perfect and new look gives whiskey respect. The mountain, but these old-fashioned glasses of whiskey are not old. They are unique and inspiring. They will make the perfect gift for husband, wife, friends, and family.

PERFECT SIZE DESIGNED FOR SPIRITS –  A liquor glass should be strong and durable, the glass should be fit in the female hand, whilst satisfying the men much larger. This is not about gender, as a whiskey lover, the glass should have enough capacity to hold the ice balls, cubes, and whiskey stones but also be just the right size that allows the aromas to evenly reach the lip of the glass, and that will you a great sensory experience when you take a sip.

PERFECT GIFT ITEMS – This old fashioned whisky glass is best for every Bourbon drink Manhattan drink and the drink that you love to desire to drink. The gift is the most important thing in our life. It’s a memory that we don’t want to forget, so this whisky glass fit in every way to create a memory in your life that can be given to your husband, boyfriend on the anniversary, and birthday.


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